About Us

The Midland’s Foundation for Foster Children is a 501(c) 3 twenty-year-old nonprofit Foundation and is registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

The mission is to improve the lives of Foster children within the Midlands. Our concentration is Richland County, but receive requests from counties across the State and beyond for children who have been placed in the custody of Richland County DSS.

However, recent statistics show disturbing numbers for Foster children once they leave the system. Of the utmost concern is despite government spending millions of dollars on Foster children why do the following statistics exist nationwide when they leave the system?

  1. 1. About 50% end up unemployed?
  2. 2. About one-third require public assistance?
  3. 3. Almost one-third become homeless?
  4. 4. About 25% become incarcerated?
  5. 5. Less than one in 10 attend College and then only one in 100 Graduate.

Source: Alex Smith Foundation

The Foundation has existed with the help and financial support of the Midland’s community. However, as times change it needs to change to help find ways to reverse the above trends mentioned. We are not only interested as to why this occurs, but more importantly what can we do together to make change happen?

MFFFC wants to increase its outreach to the community not only financially, but also by having people assist us with their talents in planning fund raising projects, educational programs and personal time by going through a vetting process to become mentors for the Children. The Foundation continues to provide college scholarships plus seek and coordinate internships for foster children who are attending college. Each May a banquet is held for those graduating from high school, college or technical college and those who show receipt of their GED and at Christmas we hold an event for the teen foster children.