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Throughout the year, MFFC is there to support local foster children, from grade school through college.

In addition to these programs, the Midland's Foundation for Foster Children assists foster children when emergency needs arise.

Graduation Banquet

Through the generosity of donors, MFFC honors and congratulates foster children for their accomplishments by inviting them to a banquet celebrating their graduation from high school, college, technical or vocational school, or receipt of their GED.

Summer Camps

MFFC assists many foster children with summer camp fees so they are able to have an enjoyable summer break.

Baby Packs for Teen Parents

In the case of foster teens having children of their own, we support them by providing clothing and personal items to them and their children.

Christmas Project

During the Christmas holidays, we make sure kids are provided meaningful activities and gifts to ensure a happy and memorable holiday.

Luggage & Book Bags

To ensure foster kids are well-equipped, we provide the essential luggage, as well as durable book bags to children who are entering Department of Social Services (DSS) care.

Scholarship Fundraising

MFFC assists foster children who are attending a four-year college or university, technical college, or vocational school.